Joshua Hagler lived and worked in San Francisco and then Los Angeles for fifteen years before moving to Roswell, New Mexico in 2018 as a grant recipient of the year-long Roswell Artist in Residence Program.​ ​ He and his wife, the artist Maja Ruznic, have since made New Mexico home and are expecting their first child, a daughter. ​ Hagler was born at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho in 1979 and is a first-generation college graduate with a visual communications degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson. ​ Self-directed research and travel has underpinned Hagler’s career and is essential to how the artist integrates creative influences with his life experience. ​

2018 saw two museum shows at the Brand Library and Art Center in Los Angeles and the Roswell Museum and Art Center in New Mexico entitled “The River Lethe” and​ “Love Letters to the Poorly Regarded” respectively. ​ 2019 marked his first U.K. solo exhibition entitled “Chimera,” at Unit London. ​ He has ​ exhibited paintings, sculpture, video, and animation ​ in ​ galleries ​ and ​ museums ​ in ​ North ​ and ​ South ​ America, ​ Europe, ​ and ​ Australia ​ including ​ a ​ long ​ list ​ of ​ solo ​ exhibitions. ​ ​ Reviews and features about the work, as well as his own poems and essays, have appeared in a variety of publications and media outlets in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

His first monograph is currently underway.

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