"Between Winds" 

single-channel Blu-Ray, 12m loop


In “Between Winds,” I imagine a settler or colonial descendent who wishes to obliterate his own identity and to “go native.”  Nostalgia, amnesia, and disassociation are suggested as the viewer watches.  The title itself comes from a passage in the western “The Searchers,” in which John Wayne’s character shoots a recently-deceased Comanche warrior in each eye, explaining that without his eyes, he is destined to wander blindly between winds for eternity.  

"The Evangelists" 

two-channel animated video projection, 12m37s


The video appearing on Vimeo is an abridged, low-resolution version of "The Evangelists."

To create the project, artist Joshua Hagler interviewed four men on video who, although unknown to each other, share commonalities including psychological trauma and complex and unusual philosophical and religious views. The individuals include his father, a well-known comic book creator, a homeless friend, and the artist's former neighbor who burned down the building the two of them had shared. Collaborating with a team of animators, the four men's respective likenesses are animated, while the original low-fi audio testimonies are edited and re-contextualized. This process imposes mythological or quasi-historical roles--distinct from the original intentions of the four men--as something akin to the gospel “evangelists.” The project explores the historical, mystical and psychological substrates which are precursors to the arising of religiosity. The animation is intended for wall projection and plays in a continuous and interwoven loop, as though in a chorus.

Creator, Director, Visual Effects
Joshua Hagler

Producer, Rigger
Andrew Klein

Josh Johnson
Ben Kluewer
Dedipya Kapila
Feras Khagani
Krys Wada
John Hasbrook

Alisha Rosen

"Ink & Other" 

Artist profile by Micah Stuart and Kiva Singh



"Future Tongue" 

Artist profile by Justine Jaime and Britt Harrison